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Parent Meeting: Wednesday, March 5th  6:00 p.m. in Commons

A message from Coach Mathews…

Hello Players and Parents,

Baseball season is upon us and some players on the team have been training for 3 months in preparation for an exciting season. This upcoming season we will have veteran players who are ready for some competitive play this year, as well as, some new faces that strive to improve our program for not only this year but years to come.  If the weather is nice we will be on the BHS field ready to practice by 3:45. If the weather and field are not good, we will practice in the gym at 5:30-7:30 p.m. Athletes need to check the whiteboard in the activities office daily to know when practice will be. Parents can always pick their players up 2 hours after the start of practice.

Requirement for the season:

  • Baseball Pants (grey): After the first full week of practices, practice pants will be provided to players
  • Baseball glove
  • Baseball Hat: After the first full week of practice, a baseball hat will be provided. Baseball hat is required for the first week.
  • Spikes (cleats): Metal spike are highly recommended. Mizuno is top quality that lasts the longest in my opinion.
  • Sleeves (turtleneck): In this cold weather a baseball players arms need to be covered. Keep warm!
  • Coat: After the first week of practice a coat will be provided.
  • Socks: Red, should not be seeing ankle skin while wearing baseball pants

Not required but highly recommended:

  • Batting gloves
  • Bat

If you need more clarification on what you need to bring the first day of practice, please email me at


Hello Everyone,

We will have a rotating schedule for the first two weeks of practices.

Here you go for first 2 weeks:

  • Monday, February 26th: *All schools will practice at their home Field since it is first day.
  • Tuesday, February 27th: BHS- 5:45-7:45pm @ Joe Martin
  • Weds., February 28th: BHS-3:45-5:45  @ Joe Martin
  • Thursday, March 1st: BHS- 5:45-7:45 @ Joe Martin
  • Friday, March 2nd: BHS-5:45-7:45 @ Joe Martin
  • Saturday, March 3rd: BHS-11:30am- 1:30pm @ Joe Martin
  • Monday, March 5th: BHS- 3:45-5:45 @ Joe Martin; Parent Night at 6pm in the BHS Commons
  • Tuesday, March 6th: BHS- At Inside Pitch from 3:30pm to 5pm
  • Weds., March 7th: BHS-5:45-7:45 @ Joe Martin
  • Thursday, March 8th: BHS-3:45-5:45 @ Joe Martin
  • Friday, March 9th: TBD
  • Saturday, March 10th:  BHS Scrimmage TBD


AJ Mathews

Head Baseball Coach at BHS

K-8 PE Teacher at LNS

Cell: 360 739 6993