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Parent Meeting at the Sudden Valley Clubhouse on Feb 26th at 7:00 p.m.

BHS Boys Golf Varsity Schedule Spring 2018

HEAD BOYS COACH:  Tony Dear 360-961-6443


General Information:

  1. Practice starts on Monday, Feb 26th… everyone come to room 312 first
  2. Home Course—Sudden Valley
  3. Practice EVERY DAY
  4. You should organize your own ride to and from the course. If you need to store clubs bring them Coach Mckay’s room in the morning. 
  5. Our tee-times are normally from 3:50 to 4:20. You are expected to be at the course by 3:50
  6. Eligibility packets to be completed before you can practice.
  7. SEASON EXPECTATIONS: Team/Individual Goals.  Hard work.  Consistent work.  Good attitude.  You must practice every day…


Daily Practice Routine:


  1. Putt and chip
  2. Be on putting green at 3:50 ready to go… or practice
  3. On Play days we will play 18 holes and be done when you are finished (can be as late as 7:00 pm). On practice days we will go until 5:30pm.  Please have rides at the end…call on cell phone after 7th green….
  4. Your match playing position will be determined by qualifying scores and match performance, as well as my assessment of your potential.
  5. You will need your own clubs and golf balls. (I do have a few sets to loan out)
  6. Team bags, match shirts and rain jackets will be provided


Other Information:


Expectations:  We are to act like Champions at all times.  You are expected to represent us in and out of school.

Classes: Do well, take care of school outside of golf….

Stroke Play : Double par +1

Matches: Regular Season~6 players per team (5 score)

Speed of play : need to play 9 holes under 2hrs….

Pairings established by the coach


Cuts:  Depends on the number of boys who show up.   Cuts will be a combination of playing; range work; short game tasks; grades; and attitude.  Come ready to work and play!   Cannot miss more than 2 practices without prior arrangements or may forfeit your spot on our team.


Missing practice without prior arrangements will forfeit your spot in the next match.