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Activities Staff

Chad Larsen
Activities & Athletics Coordinator
676-6470, x7167

Ann Vallee
Activities & Athletics Secretary
676-6470, x7168

Angie Strand
ASB Bookkeeper


All students are required to have a current ASB Card to be a member of a Team or Club.

Some sports may still have additional fees for other needs (such as uniforms, equipment or travel). ASB cards will still need to be purchased to participate in sports. We will keep reducing and eliminating as many fees as possible as we move forward, especially from bell to bell (beginning to the end of the school day). For activities that happen beyond the school day, we will continue to need our community’s financial support and help to provide equitable opportunities for our students.


$40.00 / $20.00*
2nd Semester $20.00 / $10.00*


1st semester    $50.00
2nd semester   $65.00

*Denotes fees for students who have completed the necessary paperwork and are approved for Free or Reduced Lunch.

Fees can be paid in person (at the ASB window) or online (Pay Online)


Regarding online payments, please call (360) 676-6541