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Practice schedules are available on our event calendar. 

Athletics COVID safety guidelines

COVID-19 safety and risk-mitigation guidelines are available at our district COVID-19 webpage. Scroll down for “Athletics and Activities.”

Ticket Information

Northwest Conference Regular Season Ticket Prices:
Adults: $7
Visiting high school w/ID: $3
Senior Citizens/military: $3
Punch card: $40 for 10 games
Family pass is $20 per sport at the ASB Office (parents/guardians of athletes plus children)

We welcome:

  • Service animals only
  • Elementary students with accompanying adult(s)
  • Courteous fans: no skateboards, noisemakers or balls please


Online Registration via FinalForms

At BHS we value and encourage a balanced approach to the high school experience.  Students should consider joining and trying multiple after school clubs and/or multiple sports.  With over 30 active clubs and 26 athletic teams to choose from, Bellingham High is home to many growth and leadership opportunities outside the regular class day.  Students who participate in multiple after school endeavors get better grades, develop meaningful peer relationships, make healthier life decisions, graduate on time and achieve higher beyond high school.

Families, along with your student athlete, need to complete an athletic registration form each year. This may be done through our online registration via FinalForms. In addition to the forms, the student will need a current sports physical on file. A benefit of the online registration is that your information is saved making the process easier when registering for athletics next school year. This also allows the athletics and activities office to verify that all forms are turned in prior to the first practice ensuring your student will be able to participate. Computers are available for families with limited internet access and you may call the athletics and activities office at (360) 676-6470 x7168 for support while filling out the online registration. In addition to the forms, your student will need a current sports physical on file.


  • After completing the online registration forms, your student will need to be cleared for each sports season at their school’s activities office before they can participate in any sport.
  • In addition to the forms, your student will need a current sports physical on file. The sports physical cannot expire during the sport season and is required for the student to participate in athletics. You can get a sports physical from your regular health care provider.

ASB Card

No ASB Card payment is required.

Some teams and clubs may have additional fees; information will be provided by the coach or adviser. There are no athletic participation fees. Some sports may still have additional fees for other needs (such as uniforms, equipment or travel). We will keep reducing and eliminating as many fees as possible as we move forward, especially from bell to bell (beginning to the end of the school day). For activities that happen beyond the school day, we will continue to need our community’s financial support and help to provide equitable opportunities for our students.

Code of Conduct

Final Forms Registration