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Welcome to the BHS Swim and Dive Team…

The benefits of this sport:

Quality exercisecompetition and the need to be faster than last time. Whether you enjoy hitting the water with no splash, spending time with friends, the ‘swimmer’s high’ that inevitably follows every workout…all are reasons to participate in this program.

Also, studies show that student athletes perform better academically.

The benefits of THIS TEAM:

This program promotes and focuses on the whole athletehealthfitness and continued improvement of stroke technique and skills. Each swimmer and diver is encouraged to realize their individual goals and then take advantage of the information and training opportunities to achieve those goals.

We welcome swimmers and divers of all levels: Beginners, Intermediates and Experienced, competition-ready. No matter your level there is always further honing of skills and new techniques to learn.

This program supports The Pursuit of Excellence…simply, being better today than yesterday, personally, athletically, and academically.

Mutual RESPECT for fellow teammates, other teams and property are necessary for everyone’s positive experience.

 Communication is crucial for an effective and positive team experience. I am incredibly understanding and like to focus on solutionsCommunicate clearly with me and we will always find a compromise.

 Know thyself…consider why you are here. Match your actions with your reasons and goals then you will maximize the benefits of this experience.

Embrace the Challenge > identify what is difficult, what pushes your limits…then…TAKE IT HEAD ON. This is a foundation of athletics and the key to progress in any aspect of life. Every great achievement, individually and collectively, comes from facing and overcoming challengesAs coaches we are here to support you in this endeavor.

Trust the Process when you show up, when you focus on each set, when you push your limits each practice, YOU create the outcome of your race.

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