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Volleyball Tryouts 2022-2023 – Completed and signed by parents/guardians – (if you are unable to print this form, we will have forms available on the 1st day of tryouts)
Updated on 8/15/2022
Hello, Bayhawks volleyball players and families,
I hope this email finds you well. I cannot believe we are just one week away from tryouts! It has been an amazing experience coaching and getting to know you all this summer. As we move on to tryouts week, I want to share with you essential information for tryouts and the upcoming season.
Our tryout dates are August 22nd, 23rd, and 24th from 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm. Players are expected to participate every day as we are going to be working on different skills each day.
On day one we will be working on fundamentals and conditioning. Day two is going to be a position-based tryout, where our coaches are going to see each player perform in the actual positions the players are trying out for. On day 3, coaches are going to be looking at in-game situations, communication, and coachability.
For your first day of tryouts:
Check-in starts at 3:00 pm. Tryouts will start at 3:30 pm.
Location: Options High School Gym
Tryout Checklist, please bring:
Volleyball Tryouts 2022-2023 – Completed and signed by parents/guardians – (if you are unable to print this form, we will have forms available on the 1st day of tryouts) – Please see attached.
Water Bottle
Athletic Shoes
Athletic Clothes
Knee Pads (optional, but recommended)
Tryouts results will be announced early morning on August 25th. Our first official practice of the season will be on August 25th. Time and place to be determined.
We are looking for parent volunteers for our first day of tryouts! If you are registered as a volunteer with Bellingham Public Schools and you are interested please send me an email.
Remember that we still have conditioning practices at BHS this week Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 4:00 pm.
Please let me know if you have any questions!

Coach Gonzalez

Bellingham Bayhawk Volleyball
Our vision is that players will be given the opportunity to learn the game of volleyball at the
highest level possible, while simultaneously learning the importance of commitment, hard
work, sportsmanship, and dependability. Our student athletes will carry the values we share for
the betterment of their lives and our team.
Our mission is to motivate students to succeed by demonstrating a positive attitude and putting forth the effort needed to achieve a higher personal standard as a volleyball player. We want to provide our student athletes with a positive and supportive environment where students can reach their academic, athletic, and personal potential. We strive to provide all students with an enjoyable and safe environment, so their volleyball experience develops lifelong healthy and active individuals. We believe that the values of our program will provide our student-athletes with the life skills to be successful on and off the court.
Player Expectations:


✓ Be safe and respectful, Be a team player. Always show respect for your teammates, coaches, and
✓ Be on time, dressed in appropriate athletic clothes.
✓ Participate fully and demonstrate outstanding effort. Work hard at every practice.
✓ Be coachable and accept feedback from the coaches.
✓ Try to always have a positive attitude.
✓ Playing time will not be equal and is earned by hard work, performance, and attitude.

✓ Be ON TIME to practices and tournaments and remain for the duration of all events.

✓ Communicate with your coaches ahead of time about absences, expected tardiness, concerns, or
anything that will affect your team’s practice plans.
✓ Be on your best behavior at all times. Inappropriate language and disrespect for others will not be
✓ Only positive and supportive comments should be made about the school, team, or other teams on
social media sites.
✓ Understand that joining the volleyball team is a big commitment and make practices, tournaments, and team events a priority.
✓ Always focus on effort, team, and attitude, not wins and losses. Celebrate every great play and brush off lost points.
✓ Have FUN and enjoy the game.
✓ Cell Phones, headsets/earbuds, food, gum, piercings, or jewelry of any kind are not allowed on the court during practices or games.
Volleyball Clothes:
Athletic shirt
Athletic shorts/leggings
Athletic shoes
Knee pads (optional but extremely recommended)
BHS Volleyball important dates! 
Summer Practices:
May 31st to June 16th
July 19th to July 30th
August 2nd to August 18th
August 22, 23, and 24, 2022.
Thank you!