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Bellingham High School

 Athletic Hall of Fame Class of 2018

To be honored at 1:00 p.m. on January, 13th 2018 at BHS

More details to come…

Cliff Chambers ’39  Baseball

Monte Bianchi ’51  Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track

Tom Erlandson ’58  Football, Track

Roger Repoz ’58  Baseball

Bob Blum ’64  Track

Fred Luke ’64  Track

John Wilson ’65  Swimming

Brad Stephan ’69  Football, Basketball, Track

Dean DeKoster ’82  Swimming

Jennifer Schwartz ’82  Track

Steve Alvord ’83  Football, Basketball, Track

Cresey Stewart ’83  Track

Pete Kaligis ’89  Football, Track

Sean Linville ’89  Football, Basketball, Baseball

Becca Friday 2009  Track, Cross Country

Bob Dorr  ’46 – ’77 Track Coach

George Yonlick  ’61 – ’86  Wrestling Coach




Mission Statement:

The Bellingham High School Athletic Hall of Fame exists to recognize and honor Bellingham High School student athletes, coaches, teams and sport contributors for their unparalleled achievements and/ or contributions to the Bellingham High School athletic program. Those candidates chosen to represent this athletic hall of fame have demonstrated exemplary strength of character both on and off the playing field.


Individual Criteria:

Meeting the minimum criteria does not automatically guarantee induction into the Hall of Fame.

Must meet a minimum of 4 of the criteria:

  1. Must have won league, district, or state, or were part of a team that did.
  2. Held a school, league, district, or state record.
  3. Went on to play at a community college, four year university, or received a pro contract.
  4. Placed multiple times in the top eight at state tournament.
  5. Honored as first team all-league or all-state.
  6. Lead a major statistical category in league, district, or state.
  7. Notable contribution to athletics after high school.
  8. Notable athletic achievement after high school.
  9. Eligible five years following graduation from BHS


Coaches Criteria:

Meeting the minimum criteria does not automatically guarantee induction into the Hall of Fame.

Must meet a minimum of 3 of the criteria:

  1. Must have at least ten total seasons of coaching
  2. 70 percent career winning percentage at BHS
  3. Multiple teams to state
  4. Multiple league titles
  5. State title
  6. Notable contribution to the sport
  7. Awards won; other hall of fame honors.
  8. Eligible immediately upon retirement from coaching


Nomination Process:

  • Nominations for consideration into the BHS Hall of Fame are available in the Bellingham High School’s athletic office and at the link below. Completed nomination forms can be mailed or returned to the BHS athletic office, 2020 Cornwall Ave, Bellingham, WA 98225-3648.  Nominations are due by August 31.


Click Here for Hall of Fame Nomination Form



  • June-Introduce committee mission and roles. Evaluate previous ceremony and process.
  • August-Nominations are due
  • September- Nominations go to the committee
  • October-Committee votes on nominees
  • November-Announcement of new inductees (awards ordered)
  • December- Planning / preparations for ceremony
  • January- Ceremony
  • February- Debrief
  • Once nominated, nominations will be active for three years. After three years those not selected will be placed on an inactive list and be eligible for re-nomination.


Selection Process:

  • After open discussion and review by the committee, voting will commence via paper ballot.
  • Previous H.O.F. honorees may attend the November meeting and vote.
  • Nominees with the highest vote total (over 70 percent) in each category shall be selected.
  • Nominees who do not meet the minimum 70 percent vote will not be accepted.
  • For example: If eight individual nominees meet the 70 percent threshold, the top six vote-getters will be selected.  The next two vote getters will automatically have their nominations added for consideration the following year.
  • Any revisions to the by-laws shall be presented at the June meeting.
    • Revisions shall be passed with a 2/3 vote of the entire committee.