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2019 Red Raider Baseball Player/ Parent Outline


Welcome to another season of grass stains and the familiar sounds of the ballpark! I am excited to have you and your athlete as a part of our program; consider yourself part of the BHS baseball family. Thank you for making the commitment to the BHS baseball program as it is a full TEAM effort. Below are some basic guidelines that will help you and your athlete during practices, games, etc. Remember to work hard and to HAVE FUN. With these things in mind I can guarantee we will have much success this season!


-Coach Curfman


Team Requirements


  1. Communicate: Communication is key. If you are a part of this team we expect you to be around. If you are running late, have a valid excuse for an absence, or an emergency comes up we ask you contact a coach ASAP so we an account for your absence. Email, txt messages, or a phone call to the coaches are all acceptable ways to communicate this season.


  1. Punctuality: Punctuality speaks volume about your commitment to the team. If there is a scheduled practice or game we expect you to be there. This program will have an “Early is on time”mentality. Please give yourself enough time to be ready for practice and games; do not show up right as an event is starting because it cheats yourself and the team. Communicate to a coach if there is an issue with you making it to a team event.



  1. Attire: Baseball is a fun sport which requires a lot of gear! Please provide yourself practice pants and shirt, cleats, and personal equipment (I.e. glove). Items that will be provided by the school are: hats, uniforms, and team equipment.
    1. Cleats: Cleats are a personal item. Please choose a cleat that is comfortable to your foot. Cleats MUST BE black, white, red, or a combination of these colors to match team uniforms.
    2. Shorts/ Athletic shoes: Players need to bring shorts and athletic shoes to each practice. We will spend time running, lifting and doing other fun activities that will be more beneficial in this attire than baseball pants and cleats. IF we practice indoors, shorts or sweat pants may be worn in replacement of baseball pants.
    3. Colors: Our official school colors are RED & WHITE. Please come to practice and games in school colors to represent BHS well. Clothing with other team logos or colors will not be permitted to be worn in practices or games.


  1. Rest/ Wellness: Baseball season has many games during the regular season. Please make sure to get enough rest, hydrate, and fuel your bodies appropriately before and after practices/ games. If you have dietary questions please ask the coaches or our schools athletic trainer.


  1. Games/ Practices: We will put in work at practice to have fun and success in games. Come to the ballpark with a good attitude, your full attention, and a mindset for success.
    1. Effort/ Attitude: Two simple things you as an athlete can control is your effort and attitude. By having excellent effort and attitude you will see much success this season.
    2. Playing time: Playing baseball is an honor and a privilege. Many factors such as grades, effort & attitude, and skill level will determine how much an athletes plays on the field. Playing time will not be dictated by seniority, but by the factors listed above. The athlete who puts the team in a position for the most success will play.


  1. Transportation: Players are responsible for getting to practice on time. We will have an alternating practice schedule at Joe Martin Field where we will practice from 6-8:30pm, the following week from 3:30-6pm, and back and forth like so. There will be an activities bus leaving BHS each day at 3:25pm to Civic stadium each day. On game days we will travel as a team. If you plan to leave with an alternate ride please communicate to a coach and provide a signed note by a parent/ guardian.


  1. Grades: Athletes will be responsible for their own grades. YOU MUST have passing grades in ALL classes to be academically eligible. Grade checks will occur each week to hold athletes available. If you need time for tutoring/extra help please communicate to the coaches so can create an academic success plan.


  1. Parent/ Guardian Involvement: Parents play a key role on our team as they are responsible for the overall well-being of our athletes. With this in mind, we want parents/ guardians to enjoy their athlete play the game of baseball.
    1. Parent Involvement: Parents are a always invited to watch practices or games. While a team event is happening we as a coaching staff ask that you please stay out of the team dugout and off the field during the event. There are plenty of great seats around a ballpark and we encourage you to find one! In the case of an emergency with your athlete the coaching staff will notify you if you’re needed and invite you into the team’s space.
    2. Player Interaction: Some players get nervous while friends and or family is in attendance. We ask that you remain positive, encouraging and become our #1 fans. Please limit contact with your athlete to before or after team events. If you have questions for a coach please contact them AFTER the practice or game.


  1. Ask questions: There is a lot that goes on around the baseball field. Never hesitate to ask questions if you need help, clarification, or assistance. We want to set you up for success because you are important to us!


Contact Information

Head Coach:

Aaron Curfman

Cell: (360) 320-7223