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FIRST DAY: Monday March 2, 2020

BHS 2020.Preseason Soccer Handout

**Players must be cleared through the athletic office to be eligible for participation.


  • 5:00 – 7:00pm @ BHS (Mon-Wed)
  • Initial varsity roster will be posted March 4th
  • Initial JV/C rosters will be posted March 6th
  • See calendar for additional training & game times


  • Students must be cleared and have participated in 10 practices to be eligible for games.
  • Full season calendar is subject to change and will be communicated to players.
  • All game information, including schedule changes and transportation information, will be found at
  • All players are required to have a pair of white Nike soccer socks (varsity also need black), which are not provided by the school. Please let me know if the cost will be an issue, and we’ll find a way to make it work.
  • More information will be provided during our parent meeting:

Tuesday, March 10 @ 7:00pm

Location:  Portable classroom next to turf field

  • If you have any questions, please contact the head coach:

(707) 688-2041

About the Program

Bellingham High School’s boys soccer program is made up of Varsity, Junior Varsity, and “C” teams.  While we all make up the same program and follow the same expectations, practice and development is generally done separately.  This is to ensure that the players are working at the appropriate level for which they can achieve the greatest success.  However, there will be opportunities to combine teams for scrimmages and players will get a chance to play with everyone.

The head coach is responsible for the entire program and primarily works with the Varsity squad, while the assistant coaches will help run their respective teams.  We are all supportive of each team and will work together to get the most out of all the players in the program.

If the coaches deem appropriate, players may be “called up” to another roster at any point during the regular season to showcase their talent and/or help the team for a particular game.  Similarly, players may temporarily move to other rosters if they are coming back from an injury or looking for more playing time.  Some players may even rotate to play a half on each team.  Rosters are flexible until the Post Season. Players will compete, and roster spots will be earned.                           



  • SCHOOL & ACADEMIC STANDING ARE OUR TOP PRIORITY. Every player is expected to maintain their grades and attendance at school.  Players need to manage their time to make sure that their schoolwork gets done.


  • If a player is failing a class during grade checks, they will not be eligible to play. Failing grades will be communicated to coaches and players prior to grade checks, and players will be given the chance to make up their grade beforehand.


  • It is the player’s responsibility to get any unacceptable grade sorted out with their teacher AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Players will be encouraged to miss practice if they need to catch up on school work.
  • If a player misses a class period, they will not be eligible to play for that day. It is the player’s responsibility to sort that out with the attendance office before participating in any game or practice.


  • Family time is very important. Please let me know if a player is going to be away for a family activity or family emergency.


Training Sessions


  • We have limited time to practice, so I expect players to participate at 100% Game Intensity. In order to compete at a high level, players should give their best at trainings and challenge each other to improve.
  • All players are expected to attend all training sessions and bring their best
  • All players must be ready to play by the time a session begins. If a player is not able to attend a training session, the player, not the parent (unless something serious has taken place) must notify their coach via text/call/email.
  • If a player is excused to miss a training session, they may still have the opportunity to start or play in a game. If a player continues to miss training sessions they will not start, with the possibility of limited playing time.


  • Any injuries must be communicated to the coaching staff as soon as possible.




  • Our team will always strive to carry ourselves as a classy and honorable group of young men. SPORTSMANSHIP IS A TOP PRIORITY. Players are expected to represent themselves, the school, and their coaches in an extremely respectful manner.  Coaches will not tolerate any member of our squad being rude or disrespectful at a match or while traveling.


  • Players are expected to bring all appropriate gear to matches: uniforms, shoes, socks, shorts, shingaurds, etc. Always bring all available jerseys.  If you don’t bring all of your gear needed, you may see limited playing time or lose a roster spot due to lack of equipment.


  • Players are to be at the field 45-60 minutes prior to a contest, and ready to warm-up 40 minutes prior.


  • For away games we will travel and do things as a team, and hold ourselves especially accountable for our actions. We will ride home as a team as well, unless prior arrangements have been made with the coach.


On/Off the field behavior


  • Players are STUDNETS OF BHS and will conduct themselves in a professional manner befitting to the school. What applies at Bellingham High School applies on the field.
  • NO TOLERANCE for drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.
  • Consequences reflecting any misconduct will reflect the action, and may be subject to the coach, athletic director, teacher, and/or principal.
  • Dissent yellow and red cards (swearing, yelling at the ref, violent conduct, engaging with opposing fans) will have more serious consequences, and may result in suspension for an entire season.




  • Any field related issue (playing time, teammates, coach, etc.) must be addressed by the player first. While I accept your concern, I feel that at this age it is important for the players to be independent with their problem-solving abilities.
  • After I have met with the player and the issue still hasn’t been resolved, parents may feel free to contact the coach in regard to anything pertaining to their son or the team. The coaches request that this not be done at the field.
  • If a parent would like to immediately contact a coach concerning an issue having to do with their son, that person shall wait 24 hours until initiating contact (this is to help prevent any regretful actions done in the ‘heat of the moment’).
  • Parents are asked to only give positive comments and encouragement to the players during a game. Please do not give them instructions or tell them what to do on the field.  Let the coaches do the coaching.
  • During a game I request that negative comments/thoughts be kept to yourself, especially those directed to the official or opposing team. PLEASE BE SUPPORTIVE.
  • I encourage feedback – anything helps!


My objective is to prepare and train our players to attain the highest level of soccer that they aspire to achieve, while at the same time providing a positive environment.  I will challenge our team to accomplish their goals, stress the importance of developing the intangible mental aspect of the game, and work on skills that will be transferable to life after high school soccer.  To accomplish this, I will be prepared in advance for all training sessions and focus on player/team development to the best of my own ability.

Winning does not necessarily correlate with improvement and desire, but it should be the result of such behavior.  I would rather play competitively against a top opponent regardless of the result, than play a weaker team and win poorly.  My goal is to develop a team as measured by success and effort, not a team who relies on the scoreboard.  I strive to develop players who step onto the field with the intention of always playing at their highest level possible.

In the long run, we as coaches hope to be a positive support to each player and help them succeed in their personal and technical development.  Being a member of this team is seen as a privilege for the students participating, and therefore will be held accountable to treat it as one.  I see this as an opportunity to teach the boys, as an extension of the classroom.

Thank you for the opportunity and I look forward to coaching and getting to know you all!


Matt Zigulis