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A message from Coach Buckmaster…
Greetings Swimmers and Parents of those who swim, 
My name is Matt Buckmaster, I will be serving as the head coach of Girls and Boys Swimming. For those of you that enjoyed Coach Jeff…FUN FACT: Jeff used to be my assistant.  Originally I was head coach in 2009-2011, moved to China (for 3 years), Jeff took over and here we are. Quickest version of that story.
I’m happy to be a part of the swimming world again and look forward to meeting all of you. More so, I’m excited to support you as a swimmer and we as a team in pursuit of excellence. 
First, I’m available to all, as and when you need. Call or email, I strive to respond promptly. 
Boys: Take care of yourselves: eat well, stay active, SLEEP. Also, take care of your responsibilities: season starts in November, manage your time and your classes well so we can focus on swimming later in the year. I post to the Facebook page regularly, keeping you informed on the most current trends and practices by the best swim programs (i.e. NCAA). Look for a notice in October about a pre-season meeting. If you have questions or interests about the team, swimming in general, joining the Facebook group, etc, contact me or Ethan Lochridge:
Until then…take care of yourselves. Eat well, stay active and SLEEP. I know, i know, it’s summer but the season will be here soon and the school year soon after that. Sleeping and eating well are the best practices for staying healthy and managing stress. 
Contact me with any questions. 
I look forward to meeting all of you. 
All the best,