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June Calendar v2.0

July Calendar v2.0

Spring Recommended Workout Plan


Raider Athletes and Parents,


First, I want to say how excited I am to have these Summer months together. It is going to be a huge growing time for our athletes individually and as a team. I believe in the direction we are going and can’t wait to get started in late May.

The expectation is that Raider basketball players attend all Summer activities. If your daughter is a multi-sport athlete- the expectation is that they communicate a viable solution for participation as soon as possible. We have worked to ensure that BHS sports practice times do not overlap so there wouldn’t be a conflict.

Remember, we will get out what we put in!

I am hopeful that we will be able to form 2 teams this Summer- we would need around 20 committed players for each Tournament and Team Camp in order to field 2 teams. Please see the link below to confirm which tournaments and Team Camp you are committed to– it is very important that you are accurate when filling this out as it will impact the planning that I do and deposits that I make. Teams will be formed during the 1st week of Summer Basketball when we have a definite idea for numbers. Please fill out the Summer Commitment Form no later than May 1st.

Summer Commitment Link:


Please see the attached schedules for practice times, Tournament dates, Team Camp dates, and team bonding activity dates.

The cost for all Summer Basketball activities will be $300 for returning players and $350 for non-returners and Freshman. This includes transportation, Team Camp, and all Tournaments. If you do not plan to go to Team Camp, but want to play in tournaments only, the cost is $125. If cost is the only reason keeping you from committing to Summer activities- please let me know as soon as possible and we will find a way to work it out. Full payment is needed by May 29th.

Looking forward to an exciting June and July!



Michael Russo

Head Women’s Basketball Coach

Bellingham High School



         Go Red Raiders!