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Basketball Checklist





Program Letter 2019

Hello Raider Nation!


The excitement is building as November 18th is just  weeks away! It is a great time of year here at BHS. Fall Sports are getting set for playoff run’s and Winter Sports are just around the corner. Good luck to all of our Fall athletes over the next few weeks. I enjoyed catching some of the Volleyball and Soccer games last week and seeing our athletes competing!


I hope that you find the following information helpful and informative as your daughter considers playing basketball this Winter.


First, I am excited to be using the new Final Forms platform for many reasons. Even though we are still a month away from the start of the season, we already have 29 girls registered for basketball this Winter! This is an amazing number and one that I look forward to watching grow even more in the weeks to come. Way to go Raiders! This is also a good chance to go into your Final Form’s accounts and tidy up any paperwork that still needs to be completed, the sooner the better!


Second, we have our first opportunity to support the 2019-2020 Red Raider Girls Basketball players! This is an excellent fundraiser for our program to generate funds to put towards travel, summer activities, new gear, etc. Attached you will find the Program Letter that outlines the opportunities for local businesses to secure a place in our 2019-2020 Basketball Program. This Program will be handed out at all of the Boys and Girls home games. Please pass the Program Letter on to those who may be interested. Our goal this year is to secure at least 10 advertisements as a program!


Finally, I have shared the tentative season schedule (above). This includes practice times & games times for all 3 of our teams (Varsity, JV & C). You can also find the game schedule at Although some minor changes may occur over the course of the next month prior to the start of the season, this will give you a good reference as you plan out your Winter months. Please let me know if you have any additional questions or comments regarding the schedule. I will hand out hard copies during our Parent & Student Meetings in November as well. **You will notice that there are some dates & times still needing to be added to the calendar (labeled in BLUE). I will update these as soon as I know more information.


For those who may not have received my email last week, I am including some of the details I shared again for your reference below. My hope is that we can remove any barriers that might stand in the way from an athlete’s desire to play basketball here at BHS.


  1. There is no prior experience or involvement needed to play basketball this season. No matter what you have or have not been involved with, you are welcome to play and please know there will be a place for you in our program. We do not cut any athletes from our program and we can’t wait to see you on the court on November 18th!


  1. I want to speak to the purchasing of an ASB card, which I know can be a big expense. We never want this cost to deter your athlete from playing sports at BHS so please do not hesitate to reach out to me or to the administration team at BHS to help provide financial support in acquiring an ASB card.


  1. Lastly, as the season approaches I would encourage you to find a local hoop in your driveway or at a park or stop by our weekly Open Gyms (Monday & Wednesday’s) to start shooting, dribbling and getting back into a rhythm prior to the first day of Try-Outs.


Please find the Open Gym schedule leading up to our first day of try-outs below (anyone is welcome to join!):

11/6 Wednesday 8:30-9:30

11/7  Thursday 7-9

11/13 Wednesday 8:30-9

11/14 Thursday 7-9


Lastly, although we are still 2 weeks away from the start of the season, some of you may want to get a head start on ordering your Raider Girls Basketball Gear! We have put together a fresh look for the season and our Team Store is now live at the following link: More to come on team gear when teams are formed!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions. The time has almost arrived and I am looking forward to a GREAT season!


Take care,


Michael Russo

Head Women’s Basketball Coach

Bellingham High School



 Go Red Raiders!