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LETS BOWL 2019-20

Looking for a fun sport to do in the winter? Want to learn a lifelong skill? Need some healthy team-spirit time?

Bowling might be the right fit for you!

This is the sixth year for district Girls Bowling in Bellingham. Be part of it! All skill levels are welcome and encouraged to come out for the team. Girls Bowling is a sanctioned WIAA sport; we will compete in the Northwest Conference League, which includes Ferndale, Blaine, Meridian, Mt. Vernon, Anacortes, Burlington-Edison and Everett.


First team practice will be 3:45-5:30 pm, Monday, Nov. 4, at 20th Century Bowl, and will continue Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to the end of January. Custom-drilled bowling balls will be provided and shoes can be checked out from 20th Century.  Bowlers are responsible for their own transportation to and from practice and home matches.  Bus passes are available for students who qualify for free or reduced lunch.  We will work together to make sure ALL bowlers have rides to practice and matches.  If there are concerns about transportation, talk with the coach.


For away matches, the district team will bring the top five athletes plus one alternate.   When we have a large bus for transportation, ALL team members are encouraged to travel to the match.  When we have a smaller van, only six bowlers from each team will travel.  Bowlers will be picked up at their home schools for away-matches.  There will be opportunities to challenge and make changes to the top five positions during the season.


Get cleared for athletics and see you on Nov. 4!

If you have questions about signing up, email Coach Greg McCracken at


Talk with Mrs. Vallee or Mr. Larsen in the BHS activities office



  • Support team members from all of our high schools!
  • Be positive – Always strive to lift others up, never push others (or yourself) down.
  • Be dependable – Be on time and be prepared. Every time.
  • Be determined – When things get hard, don’t give up.
  • Be committed – Be at every practice. Push yourself to improve.
  • Be open-minded – How do you interact with people? How can you grow?
  • Be respectful – Treat others how you want to be treated.
  • Be academic – Keep your grades up in all classes.
  • Do your best – We all have good days and bad days . . . and we all have different abilities . . . you can’t always control the outcome, but you can always control your effort and your attitude.
  • Have fun! – We have 3+ months to spend together, let’s make the most of it!


How can families support the team?


  • Be flexible and expect adjustments to be made, as needed, to improve the experience for everyone involved.
  • Encourage bowlers to communicate with other bowlers and the coach directly about any concerns or questions – don’t put it off.
  • Offer to help transport players from their home school to practice.
  • Be on time when providing transportation to and from practice and matches.
  • Attend matches and cheer on all Bellingham teams!
  • Be positive and encouraging.
  • Help organize fundraisers.