District to begin school year remote, first day Sept. 8
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At Bellingham High, we believe in opening as many doors as possible for our students as they move through high school and on to post-secondary training. Our positive student culture reflects the Collective Commitments that serve as our foundation. We continue to focus on providing an outstanding educational experience for our students. From hiring exceptional staff to developing a program that allows our students to compete with top scholars from around the country, we are confident that our students leave here set for success. Our high graduation rate, low dropout rate, and excellent test scores are strong indicators of our ability to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves as a school. The combination of high expectations and a healthy school climate has established Bellingham High as one of the top high schools in the country..

We believe in treating all members of the BHS community with dignity and respect

We demonstrate this belief by:

  • Valuing all individuals and celebrating diversity
  • Taking a stand in favor of respectful conduct
  • Being positive and appropriate in what we say and do
  • Helping people see how individual actions impact the entire community
  • Creating supportive relationships that foster a sense of belonging

We believe in taking care of this great place

We demonstrate this belief by:

  • Taking care of the buildings and grounds
  • Promoting a safe atmosphere that is conducive to thinking, sharing, and learning
  • Celebrating the accomplishments of students and staff

We believe in producing quality work

We demonstrate this belief by:

  • Thoughtfully participating by showing up physically and mentally and engaging in the work at hand
  • Coming prepared, working hard, and using class time well
  • Challenging ourselves by stretching beyond where we are
  • Improving by being reflective, seeking feedback and revising our work
  • Collaborating with others to improve our work and understanding, while maintaining academic integrity

Emergency and Safety Information

Keeping our students and staff safe at school is a top priority. Bellingham Public Schools coordinates with all local emergency responders to ensure our procedures and plans for fire, earthquake, lockdowns and other drills are current and reflect best practices for student safety.

What to do in an emergency »