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Attendance Areas

You can locate your neighborhood school by clicking on one of the maps below or type in your address to Infofinder, click search and then click the “My Schools” tab.

For more information about attendance areas, please contact the district office at 676-6500.

Registering your child for school

To register your child for school, please complete our online registration process. Copies of the registration forms can also be found on our forms webpage.

For students who have not previously enrolled in Bellingham Public Schools you will need:

  • Your child’s birth certificate or other official verification of age such as a passport, visa or DSHS Medicaid Voucher,
  • Proof of residency (your address), acceptable proof includes government issued documents, lease or rental agreement, utility bills,
  • Immunization records.

Need help? Visit How to Register Online or fill out our contact form.


Questions? Please contact Debb Myhre, Bellingham High School Registrar at (360) 676-6470, x7113, confidential fax 360-647-6805.